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UNAK operates under the Higher Education Institution Act 63/2006 and the Act on Public Higher Education Institutions No. 85/2008. The quality work at UNAK is directed by the Quality Enhancement Framework as it is described in the Quality Enhancement Handbook for Icelandic Higher Education, the cornerstones being institution-led reviews at the subject level and a Quality Board-led review at the institutional level. These reviews are conducted in a five-year cycle so that each Faculty at UNAK goes through an institution-led review and the University itself a Quality Board-led review once during four years. The fifth year of the cycle is a year of reflection and preparation for the next phase.

UNAK’s Quality Handbook is a description of how UNAK manages and implements ENQA’s Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. However, to avoid misunderstanding it should be noted that the Quality Handbook does not use the same divisions into chapters and sections as the ENQA Standards although it addresses the same issues, which are the following: Policy and procedures for quality assurance, approval, monitoring and periodic review of programmes and awards, assessment of students, quality assurance of teaching staff, learning resources and student support, information systems and public information.     

UNAK’s Quality Handbook in PDF format

The Quality Council of the University of Akureyri is operated at the University and is composed of the Rector who chairs it, Deans of Schools, the Managing Director, Director of Academic Administration/Director of Student Registry, Director of Quality Management, two student representatives, and two employee representatives. The Quality Council is convened no less than every other month in connection with meetings of the Management Board. Regulations on the Quality Council of the University of Akureyri.

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