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Eyjólfur GuđmundssonThe University of Akureyri was established in 1987 and since that time, it has been constantly developing and growing as one of the main educational institutions in Iceland.

The employees of the University consider it their role to create a community where students feel well cared for in a personal environment which stimulates creative work. Learning usually occurs in small groups making it possible to provide each and every student with good services. An emphasis is placed on giving students good access to their instructors so they can jointly support the student’s learning in a demanding environment. Graduates from the University of Akureyri testify to its strength and are pleased with the education and experience they have acquired.

Akureyri is a university town where students are a prominent part of life in the town. They are an important link in the development of an academic community in Eyjafjörđur and all over the country. Because of short distances, all services can be easily reached in Akureyri. The University of Akureyri is located on an elegant campus in the heart of the town. Buses are free of charge, the sporting life is vibrant, and there are good facilities for engaging in sports. Facilities for winter sports are exemplary, with an ice skating rink and ski area within a few minutes’ drive. The town has a thriving cultural life, especially as regards concerts and theatre. The University’s Student Housing is located in three areas in Akureyri, but students also rent housing in various parts of the town.

The University of Akureyri provides its students with a unique opportunity to actively participate in knowledge creation in numerous fields, especially fields that in the coming years will address the most important tasks of Icelandic society. These include sustainable use of resources in the Arctic region, development of the health system and new thinking in health services, changes to the educational system from primary to upper secondary school, and general social critique through the media. By pursuing studies at the University of Akureyri, you acquire the ability to undertake diverse work in the future, at the same time as you directly participate in the development of Icelandic society. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Eyjólfur Guđmundsson, Rector

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University of Akureyri

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