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Arctic Issues

UNAK's policy emphasises on being progressive in teaching and research that meets international standards. Emphasis is placed on teaching and research related to Icelandic society and economy, as well as fields related to Arctic issues.

UNAK is an international university where standards of research and teaching are international. UNAK emphasises greatly on the importance to cooperate with universities in the North and is one of the founding members of the University of the Arctic, collaborative network of universities in the North. The University of the Arctic links together universities and organizes student exchange program (North2North), thematic networks, joint degree etc. UNAK's policy with the emphasis on Arctic issues has created uniqueness for the university which is now both domestically and abroad recognized for teaching and research in disciplines related to the North.

On the page to the right you can see information about the Nansen-professor position in the Arctic Studies at the University of Akureyri, the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation network which UNAK is a founding partner of, and various organizations on Arctic issues, as well as information about studies at UNAK related to the Arctic issues.

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