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Arctic Programmes at UNAK

Social Sciences with an emphasis on the Circumpolar North

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at UNAK offers a BA degree in Social Sciences with a focus on the Circumpolar North. Most of courses are taught in Icelandic but students have the choice of several elective courses in English. Students can take part of the study abroad or at another university in Iceland or have studies from other universities credited. Students gain important knowledge of Icelandic society as well as the global environment and a solid foundation in the theory and methodology of the social sciences. Experience has shown that graduates are highly sought after in the labour market and that the degree is a good foundation for further studies.

Further information can be found on the webpage of the Faculty of Social Sciences an Law.  

Polar Law

Polar law describes the legal environment in the Arctic and in Antarctica. The curriculum focus is on the areas of international law, national law and regional law related to the Arctic. Challenges of the following issues are discussed: environmental law and biodiversity, human rights, law of the sea, law of sustainable development and resources - including issues relating to sovereignty and disputes over boundaries on land and sea, the rights of indigenous peoples in the North, political and governance as well as border and resource requirements in the Arctic. A priority in the programme is international partnerships with universities around the world. The Master's degree in Polar Law at the University of Akureyri is the first of its kind and unique in the world. The programme is taught in English. The University of Akureyri offers the following programmes of study in Polar Law:

  • 120 credit Master's studies leading to an MA degree
  • 90 credit Master's studies leading to LLM degree
  • 60 credit Diploma studies at Master's level

Further information can be found here.

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