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The University Assembly is the main discussion forum concerning development and progression of the University, for the University community, the Central Administration, the Schools, the University Office, and representatives of students and faculty, The role and authority of the Assembly is further laid down by Law and Regulations. The University Council may seek reference from the University Assembly regarding all matters concerning the activities of the University or of its Schools and Institutions. The Council may also entrust the University Assembly with discussion concerning professional matters and academic policy making.  .The Assembly is authorised to make resolutions on the issues which the University Council decides to refer to it, unless the law dictates otherwise. The University Assembly outlines and puts forward the University’s general education and science strategy, at the Rector’s initiative.

The following representatives have the right to a seat in the Assembly meetings:

a) The Rector, Deans of Schools s, the Managing Director, Director of Quality Management, Directors of University Office sections. Deputies will act as their alternates in the Assembly.

b) Each School nominates five representatives among faculty members. The Spokesperson for those members of the State University Professors Union, FPR, who are employed by the University of Akureyri, nominates one.,The Board of the Association of University Teachers in Akureyri, FHA, nominates one. The University Office staff nominates two. All these representatives, and their alternates shall be nominated following a voting process,among the relevant faculty members of the Schools , among members of the respective union, and among University Office staff. All nominations are for a term of two years.

c) Students at the University nominate,  six representatives, and an equal number of alternates, following a vote in an FSHA meeting. However,  the University Council can decide each time to increase or decrease the number of representatives.

d) Members of the University Council have the right to a seat in the University Assembly without the right to vote.

Preparation for election and nomination of representatives as laid down above must follow the provisions in the University's Gender Equality Plan on the equal access of women and men to committees, boards and councils.

A University Assembly meeting shall be held at least once a year. Rector convenes  the meeting and presides over it.

Resolutions reached by the University Assembly shall be advertised within the University.

The University Council shall set further regulations on the role of and nominations to  the University Assembly.

See Regulations universities assembly meeting at the University of Akureyri no. 389/2009

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