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University Council

The University Council is the highest authority within the University, supervises matters concerning the University in general, and develops an overall strategy for the University. Furthermore, the University Council contributes to, organises, and supervises cooperation between Schools and communication with parties outside the University, including cooperation with other universities and research institutions. The University Council shall administer decisions regarding matters of the University as stipulated by laws and further determined in a regulation.
Term of appointment for the University Council is two years at a time.

Issues for the consideration of the University Council shall reach the Rector's Secretary no later than one week prior to a meeting of the Council. Meetings of the University Council are announced in the calendar of events here on the website of the University.

University Council:

  • Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, Rector, Chair
  • Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir, Assistant Professor, representing the staff
  • Óskar Þór Vilhjálmsson, Technician, representing the staff
  • Jens Garðar Helgason,Director, appointed by the Minister of Education
  • Finnbogi Jónsson, Director, appointed by the University Council
  • Svanfríður Inga Jónasdóttir, Consultant, appointed by the University Council
  • Berglind Ósk Guðmundsdóttir, student, representing the students


  • Hjörleifur Einarsson, Professor, representing the staff 
  • Guðmundur Kr. Óskarsson, Associate Professor, representing the staff
  • Elvar Jónsson, Headmaster, appointed by the Minister of Education
  • Erla Björg Guðmundsdóttir, Director, appointed by the University Council
  • Valdemar Karl Kristinsson, student, representing the students

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