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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is appointed according to Regulations No. 546/2009 (in Icelandic only) on amendments to the Rules of the University of Akureyri on Penalties for Plagiarism No. 757/2006 (in Icelandic only). The Ethics Committee operates according to those rules and according to the Code of Ethics of the University of Akureyri which was approved in the University Council on 21 August 2008.

The Code of Ethics stipulates that the Ethics Committee is an “administrative board” as defined in the Administrative Practices Act. It determines if UNAK’s Code of Ethics has been violated. Furthermore, the Rules of the University of Akureyri on Penalties for Plagiarism stipulate that the Committee is to deal with complaints because of instances involving alleged plagiarism. Persons inside and outside the University may submit cases to the Committee, but the Committee itself does not initiate investigation of cases.

Ethics Committee: 

  • Sara Stefánsdóttir, Assistant Professor, Vice-Chair
  • Giorgio Baruchello, Professor
  • Edward H. Huijbens, Professor, Chair
  • Sigrún Vala Halldórsdóttir, student, representing students


  • Sigfríður Inga Karlsdóttir, Associate Professor
  • Anna Ólafsdóttir, Associate Professor
  • Ásta Margrét Ásmundsdóttir, Adjunct
  • NN, student, representing students

Secretary of the Committee is Daníel Freyr Jónsson, Examinations Manager

Term of appointment expires 30 September 2017. Term of student representatives: March 2016 - March 2017. 

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