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UNAK Emergency Team

The UNAK Emergency Team is a part of the safety net of the University, along with other committees and individuals that are involved in ensuring its safety. The Emergency Team works in collaboration with crisis counselling teams in the area. Crises at UNAK can, for example, include deaths, accidents, fires, or other events that can lead to a crisis. The Crisis Counselling Team of Akureyri Hospital is in charge when natural disasters of some kind occur, but the UNAK Emergency Team is on hand to provide assistance within the institution in consultation with the Crisis Counselling Team. The UNAK Emergency Team shall contact the Crisis Counselling Team at Akureyri Hospital in regard to extensive crises within the institution.

UNAK Emergency Team:

  • Elín Díanna Gunnarsdóttir, Associate Professor
  • Ólafur Búi Gunnlaugsson, Director
  • Sigrún Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Professor
  • Solveig Hrafnsdóttir, Student Counsellor
  • Úlfar Hauksson, Director, Chair

Term of appointment expires 28 February 2015.

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