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Web Management

Web Management is assigned the task of developing an overall strategy for the website of the University, to ensure its quality in accordance with the Quality Strategy, and to handle daily supervision of the website. Web Management is furthermore assigned the task of developing the intranet of the University.

Web Management:

  • Kristjana Hákonardóttir, Project Manager, Div. of Marketing and Public Relations, Webmaster, Chair
  • Katrín Árnadóttir, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, representing Marketing and Public Relations
  • Stefán Jóhannsson, Director of Student Registry, representing Student Registry
  • Sigrún Stefánsdóttir, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, representing the Schools
  • Astrid M. Magnúsdóttir, Director of Library and Information Services, representing Library and Information Services
  • Auðbjörg Björnsdóttir, Teaching Advisor, representing the Centre of Teaching
  • Ása Guðmundardóttir, Office Manager, School of Business and Science, representing Office Managers
  • Gunnar Ingi Ómarsson, Project Manager, representing the Centre of Teaching and Learning

Term of appointment expires 1 May 2018.

Schools & Faculties

School of Health Sciences

School of Business and Science

Distance Education?????

Graduate Studies????

School of Social Science and Humanities

Resarch Institutes????

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