Valmynd Leit

Centre of Teaching and Learning

Our main objective is to provide professional support to Faculty members in their development of teaching in the form of expert feedback and consultation, and by offering educational opportunities for Faculty members with emphasis on information technology and pedagogy.

The Centre of Teaching and Learning constructs, organises, and offers on a regular basis seminars for Faculty members at the University. We offer specialised consulting in a wide range of areas, both in information technology and pedagogy, to help teachers evolve their teaching methods.

Our main motto is that technology should never dictate teaching, it should complement it.

Staff members:

  • Auðbjörg Björnsdóttir, PhD., Director,, tel. +354 460 8030
  • Óskar Þór Vilhjálmsson, Service Manager
  • Adam Óskarsson, Moodle System Manager
  • Gunnar Ingi Ómarsson, Project Manager
  • Helgi Freyr Hafþórsson, Project Manager of Multimedia

Schools & Faculties

School of Health Sciences

School of Business and Science

Distance Education?????

Graduate Studies????

School of Social Science and Humanities

Resarch Institutes????

University of Akureyri

Nordurslod 2         600 Akureyri, Iceland         Tel. +354 460 8000 / f: 460 8999

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