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Faculty of Business Administration

Business. Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.This programme is taught in Icelandic

Study aims and advice to students

The aim of Business Administration studies is to educate students in preparation for managerial responsibilities through training in the application of a professional approach to policy development, decision-making, and management science. Students receive a solid theoretical basis to prepare them for graduate studies and research in the field. University of Akureyri business graduates are in high demand as they are highly qualified for administrative work in many sectors of Iceland's industries as well as the public sector.


The programme is organised as three years of study. Students are required to complete 60 ECTS annually for a total of 180 ECTS credits units  culminating in a BS degree in Business Administration. The programme offers two major paths of study: Management and Finance and Management and Marketing. A total of 23 courses (138 ECTS) constitute a common basic core. Three (18 ECTS) specialised courses are included in each path of study in addition to 2 elective courses (12 ECTS) and a final project (12 ECTS). Further information regarding individual courses is provided at the beginning of each semester, including introduction to the syllabus, class schedules, required reading material, and grading criteria. The study programme is offered both as on-campus and distance studies.

Rule on study progress

In order to commence studies in the third year, the student must have completed a minimum of 90 ECTS.

Head of Faculty of Business Administration:

Guðmundur K. Óskarsson, Associate Professor
tel. +354 460 8616
fax: +354 460 8999

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