Valmynd Leit

Diploma in Computer Science

Computer Science

This programme is taught in Icelandic

Computer science is an international profession which is rapidly developing with endless possibilities. Students have the option of participating in intensive research and innovation projects in collaboration with domestic and foreign research institutions and companies. Strong emphasis is put on quality teaching and the balance between a strong academic foundation and applied knowledge of the latest technology and methods.

Emphasis of programme

The Diploma programme at the University of Akureyri is in partnership with Reykjavík University (RU). The curriculum is based on RU’s curriculum but the instruction at UNAK is organised as a flexible study programme.
The programme is set up as full-time study for two years or four terms. Students are enrolled at RU and pay tuition fees according to RU’s tuition fees. The main emphasis is on the fundamental subjects of computer science which are programming, software design, operating systems, networks and databases.

Options after completion of studies

Students have the option to add one year of studies to obtain a BS degree after completing the two-year Diploma studies in Computer Science and graduate as computer scientists. Other options include, for instance, to take the third year in Business Administration. Education in computer science is an excellent preparation for entering the work field and a solid foundation for postgraduate education both in Iceland and abroad. Computer scientists are in high demand and can pursue a variety of occupations as computer science overlaps with a range of subjects, such as mathematics, psychology, engineering, bioinformatics, business administration etc.

Structure in flexible studies

The programme is a full-time study with a flexible arrangement, which means that lectures and assignments are uploaded to the University’s intranet and students can access them at their own convenience. Assignments are uploaded to the intranet and handed in digitally. The advantage to flexible education is that students attend project-based classes at UNAK where a teacher is on site. During the project-based classes students work on individual assignments, as well as on group assignments with fellow students.

Access to teachers and fellow students

Students have access to teachers anytime at UNAK and access to teachers at RU via email, social media or telephone. Piazza is used as well, a specific Q&A website for each programme.

Applications are submitted on RU’s website

For further information OR enquiries contact:

Ólafur Jónsson, Project Manager
tel. +354 460 8097

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