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Faculty of Natural Resourse Sciences

Photo: Auđunn Níelsson.The Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences offers three-year programmes of study consisting of 180 ECTS credits resulting in a BS degree in either Biotechnology or Fisheries Science. Students finishing either 60 or 120 ECTS credits are also offered the possibility to receive a Diploma in Natural Resource Sciences.

The aim of the programme is to prepare students for a career in industry and governmental research institutes and for graduate studies (MS and PhD). The programme consists of general courses in natural and life sciences, emphasising sustainable utilisation of natural resources. A unifying characteristic of both study lines is the interdisciplinary approach in applied science and technology studies concurrently with economics, management and marketing. Education of this kind constitutes the premise for good natural resource management and planning and it promotes sustainable utilisation of resources and value creation. The programme is based on a long experience and knowledge at the University of Akureyri in the fields of natural resource sciences and provides a sound basic education and knowledge of the main theories and the methodology of natural sciences. The study thus will prove useful for those who want to deepen their knowledge in these fields or continue in different directions.

The first year is to a large extent common for all three lines with certain selective courses related to the planned specialisation of the student. Students who finish the 120 ECTS Diploma can finalise the remaining 60 ECTS to a BSc degree at UNAK or take up further studies at other universities.

Graduate studies

A graduate study programme for the MSc degree in Natural Resource Sciences is offered with a specialisation in Biotechnology and Fisheries Science. It is a two-year programme, amounting to 120 ECTS credits, an international and research-based Master's degree study, where 60–90 ECTS constitute the Master's degree project and 30-60 ECTS are course based.

The student takes the requisite courses in part at the School of Business and Science and partly at other universities in Iceland and abroad, as determined by the Master's Programme Committee in each instance. Primary emphasis is placed on the Master's degree project and the acquisition by students of scientific methodology. Further information is to be found in the course catalogue for Master's degree studies.

Coastal Management - MRM degree

The University of Akureyri, in cooperation with the University Center of the Westfjords, offers a unique Master's programme in Coastal and Marine Management. Students are based in Ísafjörđur in the Westfjords of Iceland during the time of the studies.

The programme is a demanding and ambitious Master's programme in environmental and resource management. The programme is cross-disciplinary and prepares students for diverse positions in both the public and private sectors. The programme is taught entirely in English.

Click here for more information about the Coastal Management programme.

Head of Faculty of Natural Resources Sciences:

Jóhann Örlygsson

Dr. Jóhann Örlygsson, Professor
tel. +354 460 8511

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