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Biotechnology Studies

This programme is taught in Icelandic

Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.

The BS programme in Biotechnology provides a strong and interdisciplinary basis in various branches of biotechnology; students completing the programme have a solid foundation for further study in related disciplines. Basic applied science subjects are taught during the first year and more specialised biotechnology and business subjects later on.

Biotechnology refers to the use of whole cells or microorganisms, including genetically altered organisms or cell components, that can be used to solve a wide range of problems in many industries. Techniques in biotechnology have been applied to sectors ranging from food and beverage processing, agriculture and aquaculture, aspects of environmental protection, biomedical science, renewable energy, among others.

The aim of the biotechnology studies is to enable students to work on the various projects in the field of biotechnology and engage in independent operations to increase the value of the natural resources of the country in the ocean and on land and to improve people’s health. The programme values close collaboration with companies operating in industry.

Schools & Faculties

School of Health Sciences

School of Business and Science

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School of Social Science and Humanities

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