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Mynd: Auðunn Níelsson.General information relating to studies within the School of Business and Science

The School of Business and Science is divided into two Faculties: Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences. The Faculty of Business Administration offers business studies leading to a BS degree, with emphasis on management, finance and marketing. The Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences offers study programmes for a BS degree in Fisheries Science and in Biotechnology. It is also possible to graduate with a BS degree in Aquaculture, offered in cooperation with Hólar University College.

The study programmes in the Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences are structured in such a way that the student can obtain a Diploma in Natural Resource Sciences after two years of study as a basis for continued study within UNAK or other universities. The interplay of business-related courses and science courses characterises the cohabitation of these two Faculties within the School of Business and Science.

In the Faculty of Business Administration, the first year's courses are mostly common for all students. In the second and third year, the studies diversify and become increasingly specialised in the different lines of study. In the Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences, courses are likewise mostly common for all students during the first year, while specialisation enters mainly in the second and third year, according to the requirements for the different programmes leading to the BS degree. Individual courses are taught either in Icelandic or English.

The School of Business and Science systematically monitors the quality of teaching, applying both internal and external assessment of its operations in order to ensure that the Faculty fully complies with international criteria for curriculum content and teaching methods.

Admission requirements

Undergraduate programme
A secondary school matriculation examination is the general admission requirement. However, the Faculties are authorised to waive this requirement for individuals who are 25 years of age and have completed other examinations, which the Faculty considers to be a satisfactory preparation for the student. Students are expected to possess computer skills, a sound knowledge of Icelandic, and ability to communicate orally and in writing. A solid foundation in mathematics and English is important. Special regulations may apply for enrolling in certain study programmes.

The School Assembly of the School of Business and Science reserves the right to alter the curriculum. The study programmes and course contents are subject to the following:

  1. Availability of teaching instructors
  2. A minimum number of students in individual courses (generally 10 students)
  3. Adequate budget provisions
  4. Other changes that may be necessary

Special rules and regulations of the School of Business and Science

It is not obligatory to attend all lectures unless otherwise specified at the beginning of a course. However, in practical course parts, attendance and return of assignments is compulsory. A student who fails to attend practical course sessions, is considered to have quit the course and consequently forfeited the right to take the final course examination. The instructor is authorised to waive this rule, provided that the arrangement is announced at the beginning of the course.

Distance studies
Distance study courses are offered in certain programmes, provided that funding is available and minimum participation requirements are fulfilled both for the study programme and for each individual course. Distance students shall attend local study sessions according to schedules, unless otherwise specified at the beginning of the semester.

Students assume their own travel costs to attend the local study sessions and they are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

Examination requirements
Should assessment be conducted in two or more parts of a course, a minimum passing grade is required for each separate part in order to pass the course as a whole. Instructors may waive this rule, provided that this is announced at the beginning of the course. In the Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences, grades given for laboratory exercises are valid for a period of three years.

Off campus study
Practical assignments in individual courses may be conducted outside Akureyri. This is for example the case for some courses in environmental studies like aquaculture and biotechnology. Students assume all travel costs incurred in connection with practical assignments. In the Fisheries Science programme, course lectures are also conducted by means of video conferencing equipment. Some courses are offered jointly in collaboration with the University of Iceland and conducted mainly or entirely online.

Integrated teaching
The School of Business and Science reserves the right to arrange special interdepartmental courses jointly. Such courses will be taught every two years.

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