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MS in Business Administration

Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.The Faculty offers a 120 ECTS research-based graduate study programme leading to an MS degree in Business Administration. The programme differs in many aspects from the undergraduate programme to a BS degree in that the study programme is individually defined and each student follows his/her own programme designed to fit his/her needs and the research project. Among the first tasks of the student is to select in close cooperation with his/her supervisor appropriate courses out of the curricula offered by the University of Akureyri and collaborating institutions. The Master's Committee of the School of Business and Science is responsible for the quality assurance of each individual study programme.

The programme encompasses a 60-90 ECTS research project and 30-60 ECTS in selected courses. The minimum course requirement is 30 ECTS, including at least 10 ECTS in research methodology. It is possible to take literature courses as agreed with the supervisor and the Master's Committee. Further information is to be found in the Handbook for Master's Degree Studies.

Admission requirements

For admission to the programme, the student is required to have completed a BS degree in business studies at an accredited university, with a first-class grade in a field relating to the contents of the proposed study plan. Work experience will also be considered when selecting students for the programme. BS graduates in Fisheries Science can also gain access to the programme. Those who have completed a BS degree in another field of study are required to have completed 66 ECTS of core subject courses in business studies in order to be admitted to the programme.

The research project

The Master's research project constitutes the major part of the study programme and amounts to 60 or 90 ECTS. The project is carried out under the supervision of one of the Faculty members. In addition to this main supervisor, one or two advisory specialists, preferably external, are called as co-supervisors to ensure that the project fulfils international quality criteria. The project is finalised with an open defence of the Master's thesis which is typically written in English.

Collaborating institutions

The Faculty cooperates in the Master's programme, among others, with the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri Research Centre and the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre.

International links

Normally, Master's students in Business Administration take part of their studies at other universities and collaborating institutions, preferably through a period of study and work with a recognised research centre in fields related to the student's research project. Courses can also be taken at universities abroad. These arrangements will open the student's access to the international scientific community.

Enrolment fee and other costs

The students pay the enrolment fee for each academic year. Students assume all direct costs relating to their studies, including visits to companies, study trips, book expenses etc.

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