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Carbon sequestration and wetland reclamation

Icelandic authorities recently announced their third Climate Strategy with an increasing emphasis on carbon sequestration and wetland reclamation. The government will attempt to increase carbon sequestration from the atmosphere through afforestation, revegetation, wetland reclamation, and changed land use. In this presentation these methods will be discussed as a tool in the fight against Global warming.

Brynhildur Bjarnadóttir holds a Ph.d in Ecophysiology and her focus has been on carbon sequestration using afforestation. During 2003-2012 she was a Reasearch Scientist at the Icelandic Forest Research but since 2012 she is an Assistant Professor in Natural Science at the Educational department of UNAK.

The social forum is held in cooperation with UNAK´s Environmental Council.

Admission free, all welcome

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