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Creative studies for practical nurses

Riikka Kastu, M.Phil in Music Education, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Music Pedagogue (UAS) is a Music teacher with a great variety of different forms.

Ambassador of creative studies from Finland

Music and other creative studies are supporting the future practical nurses on their way to work life at Stadin Aikuisopisto. Creative studies for practical nurses include wide range of different methods from music, visual arts, movement and drama.

The methods are tought as used supporting children as they grow up in their early childhood education, those with disabilities both children and adults, people with mental illnesses in their recovery program, drug and alcohol abusers in their rehabilitation battle and also the aged group – and for example those with memory disorders. On the lecture we dive into some different methods used.

The Figure notes and other Methods are used as tehcniques in teaching. A Finnish Registered trademark and a method for everyone to learn to play music easily and fast. With or without disabilities, no age limits! In FigureNotes all information is written with the shapes and colors. Just play what you see.

One method used is Drama and story telling. When one combines drama with Visual Arts and movement with sounds we get a great ensemble of creativity. Good examples are the Clown Doctors (Clown Care) and Hospital Musicians in Finland.

Clown Doctors and Hospital Musicians attend specifically to the psycho-social needs of the hospitalized children but in some facilities they also visit adults. The atmosphere of fun and laughter can help children forget about the illness and the stress for a moment. Clown Doctors use techniques such as magic, music, storytelling and other clowning skills to empower children with doses of fun that help them deal with the range of emotions they may experience while in hospital: fear, anxiety, loneliness, boredom.

The ArtPlunge® is a gentle approach to visual arts. The ArtPlunge subtly breaks the myth of Art, making the work is easy, fun and enriching. Participating does not require any artistic orientation but in the process the individual literally plunges into his/her own abilities, skills and emotions and the final result is an amazing piece of art. The individual in themselves is already a work of art. The art happens by itself and can be combined with other methods.

Robotics and digitalization are a part of care system and combining technology with creative methods there is another approach to care work. PARO robotic seals, NANO, ELIAS and other robots are helping us in our care work and educational point of view. But how? Come and find out.

”The Ambassador”

Riikka Kastu, M.Phil in Music Education, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Music Pedagogue (UAS) is a Music teacher with a great variety of different forms.

Kastu is currently teaching at Helsinki Vocational School Stadin Aikuisopisto; Vocational qualification in social and health care, a program for future Practical Nurses.

Kastu also teaches Working life Skills for Musicians at Helsinki Conservatory of Music and manages her own company for voice work, singing and consulting. Kastu also produces various concerts and events. Highly motivated to work with a older people, people with special needs and with children. Music (and rythm) is a language of the World. Lifelong learning and understanding the needs of another person – From Human to Human.

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