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Equality Days 2017

Equality Days at the University of Akureyri will be held from October 9th – 20th 2017 and it is a collaboration between all universities in Iceland. Equality days combine various aspects of equality and focus on diversity, privilege, silencing, the struggle for equality, power and discrimination.

We encourage all staff and students and take part in the program that is diverse and free of charge. Follow the Student Union Facebook page for further information.

Equality Days- Program at UNAK

Monday 9th of October at 12:00

  • Opening of the Equality Days at the cafeteria

Tuesday 10th October at 17:00

  • Equality-movie event in room M101

Wednesday 11th of October at 12:00-12:50

  • Equality Forum in collaboration with the Institution for Gender Equality

Friday 13th of October at 21:00

  • Pubquiz at Borgir

Monday 16th of October at 17:00

  • Equality-movie event M101

Tuesday 17th of October at 12:00-12:30

  • Speedmeeting in room M203

Wednesday 18th of October at 12:00-12:50

  • Equality Forum

Thursday 19th of October at 10:00

  • Language Café at Miđborg

Friday 20th October

  • Sprĺk och Kön: Conference on Language and Gender


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