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Nordic conference on language and gender

10th Nordic Conference on Language and Gender

The 10th Nordic conference on language and gender will be held at the University of Akureyri, Iceland, 20-21 October 2017. This is the first time that the conference is held in Iceland, but it is an important forum for theoretical and methodological discussions amongst Nordic researchers with an interest in language and gender. The conference has its roots in language research, e.g. sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, language history and dialectology, but is is no less open for contributions from fields such as sociology, gender research, feminist theories, education and more.

Keynote speakers

  • Helga Hilmisdóttir, The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, Iceland
    Gender and Personal Pronouns in Icelandic Debates and Conversations
  • Jón Ingvar Kjaran, University of Iceland, Iceland
    "Fag, dude, dyke, fat or hot”. Word prevalence among high school students in terms of gender/sexual stereotypes
  • Kristina Fjelkestam, Stockholm University, Sweden
    "How I Learned to Love the Bomb": Peirce and Feminist Semiotics
  • Stina Ericsson, Linneaus University, Sweden
    Sustaining and Challenging Gender and Sexuality Norms:Cis, Hetero, and Family Normativities in Children's Interactions


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