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Policing and Society Conference

Policing and Society Conference

February 21, 2018 from 9:00 to 5:00 at the University of Akureyri

Theme: Rural Policing - Call for Papers: Deadline February 1

The Police Science Program at the University of Akureyri (Iceland) invites abstracts for its “Policing and Society Conference” on Wednesday, February 21, 2018. The conference is a venue where Icelandic and international academics and professionals meet and converse about policing in a broad sense. Professionals and academics who work in fields that involve policing in one form or another are encouraged to submit abstracts that build on their work and/or research.

The keynote speakers reflect the theme of this year’s conference: Rural Policing. In general, fewer crimes are committed in rural areas than urban areas and this is reflected in the “rural idyll,” that is, the image of rural societies as orderly, safe, and peaceful. This image, however, does not reflect reality. Academics and laity alike have become more attuned to the specific challenges of rural policing, namely, unreported crimes, long distances, less backup, as well as police officers’ visibility in and involvement with the local community. Moreover, rural communities are not homogeneous.

We strongly encourage abstracts that deal with rural policing but we, of course, welcome all contributions that involve policing in one form or another. To reiterate: this conference is a joint venue for academics and professionals to share their research and experience involving policing; learn from one another; and engage with the public.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Anna Souhami, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh

  • “Policing at the periphery: understanding police work in the remote Northern islands of Scotland”

Dr. Jan Ole Vanebo, Professor at the Norwegian Police University College, Oslo and Senior visiting fellow at the European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht/Barcelona

  • “How to translate a new policing policy (Policing on site) into improved policing practices?”

Useful Information

  • The conference will be held Wednesday, February 21 in the Miðborg house of the University of Akureyri. The conference runs from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Each presentation is allotted 30 minutes, 20 minutes for the actual presentation and 10 minutes for the subsequent questions and answers session. Abstracts (maximum 250 words) should be submitted via email ( no later than February 1. Abstracts should include a title, short description, methods, main results and/or arguments. Include information about academic position, profession, and (if there are more than one contributors) the order of the authors.
  • The conference registration fee is €40 per person and the program, coffee and refreshments are included (pay on the spot when registering). University students attend the conference free of charge. Conference attendees pay for their own travel and accommodation.
  • Several airlines fly to Iceland, incl. Icelandair (; WOW Air (
  • The airline Air Iceland Connect flies from Reykjavík to Akureyri (see

More Information

For more information contact Gudmundur Oddsson (; +354 460 8677).

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