Valmynd Leit

Where we belong: Aspects of migration

Exhibition at the University of Akureyri library

What do Prince Polo and barbed wire have in common? Both are connected to immigration and both are in some ways symbols of foreign relations.

Immigration is a major topic these days. In Iceland, the number of immigrants has increased significantly in recent years. There is an ongoing discussion about immigration in the media and in politics. This topic is relevant on a global scale.

The students of the seminar "People on the move: immigration, mobility, and social transformation in a global world" have created this exhibition as part of this course. Students in this course come from six different countries, some are based in Iceland, others abroad. The students also speak several languages. Some of the objects on display are connected to the students’ own country, some aren’t. This exhibition is the result of discussing and learning about immigration at the University of Akureyri in Winter/Spring 2019.

The exhibition is open Mon, Wed and Fri 8-16 and Tue and Thu 8-18. Weekends closed.

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