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8 Million on Study

The University of Akureyri received 8 million ISK from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund by the Nordic Council of Ministers for to purpose of directing a between three small to medium-sized cities in the Nordic countries. This study is aiming to identify and share best practices to improve labour market integration amongst immigrant women.

Marginalization remains a problem for many immigrant women in the Nordic countries. This is especially evident within the labour market, as many immigrant women occupy positions that do not fit with their level of education. In 2016 a study was completed in the north of Iceland revealing that, despite having higher education levels than men, 30% of immigrant women are currently employed in fields that do not suit their educational background. This number is much smaller for Icelandic women at 8%. Since these women are employed in areas that do not match their educational background, previous education is not taken into consideration, resulting in a direct impact on their income, earning significantly less than Icelandic women and immigrant men.

To address this matter, the project will look at policies and practices within three medium sized cities in three different Nordic countries; namely Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. The goal is to identify policies and practices that have an impact on the employment of immigrant women.

The project is done in cooperation between the University of Lapland in Finland and Nordregio in Sweden and is directed by Markus Meckl ( and Stéphanie Barillé ( at the University of Akureyri.

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