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Hilmar publishes an article in Social Europe

On November 13 Social Europe published an article by Hilmar Þór Hilmarsson professor at the University of Akureyri School of Business and Science entitled: Baltic Austerity And Euro Area Contagion.

In the article Hilmar discusses crisis response in the Baltics in 2008 and post crisis results after almost 10 years, as well as his ideas for future reforms.

Hilmar has lectured in many universities in the Baltic States over the last 10 years and worked at the World Bank’s office in Riga Latvia from 1999 to 2003 just before the Baltics become EU member states in 2004.

Currently Hilmar is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge writing a book entitled: Nordic and Baltic Countries: Crisis and Post-Crisis Successes, Failures and Future Challenges.

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