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Masters Studies in Polar Law at the University of Akureyri

The University of Akureyri

The University of Akureyri invites applications for masters studies in Polar Law with the West Nordic Studies option to start in Fall 2016. Two study lines are available: a 120 ECTS LLM programme and a 120 ECTS MA programme. Students will begin their studies in Akureyri, where they will take 30 ECTS of coursework in the first term. In Spring 2017, they will then take a one-semester exchange at either Nord University in Bodø, Norway, or the University of Greenland in Nuuk, where they will take another 30 ECTS of coursework. In the academic year 2017-18, students return to Akureyri to complete a further 30 ECTS of coursework and write a 30 ECTS thesis.

Programme Description

Polar Law describes the legal regimes applicable to the Arctic and the Antarctic. The masters programmes are developed and delivered as interest in the Arctic and the Antarctic are at a high. Climate changes are having a dramatic effect on the Arctic and Antarctic and multiple threats to the environment are sending serious danger-signals and calling for urgent measures; speculation is high regarding new shipping routes and natural resources; the Arctic Council is creating innovative modes of regional governance; Arctic States map and stake their entitlements to the Arctic Ocean floor; nations inside and outside of the Poles work together to manage fisheries; ethical, legal and sociological debates arise around the consumption of marine mammals; questions of national and local governance are moving forward on national and international agendas; indigenous peoples are claiming their rights to manage their own communities, lands and resources; and Arctic inhabitants pursue economic development.

The West Nordic Studies cooperative programme offers students the opportunity to study at a partner institution to enrich the learning experience and offer a broader perspective to meet the challenges the region is facing today. These include the social implications of climate change; long distances; limited working opportunities; gender issues in society and education; threats to indigenous culture and societal security; contested issues of identity and cultural heritage; the quest for natural resources; good governance; and sustainable management of resources.

Admission Requirements

Students with a BA degree or equivalent in law are eligible for the LLM; students with undergraduate degrees in other fields are eligible for the MA.

Admission Deadlines

Non-EEA students: 1st May 2016
EEA students: 5th June 2016

Further Information

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