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New Book by Giorgio Baruchello and Garrett Barden

The University of Akureyri has published a book written by Prof Garrett Barden (University College Cork) and Prof Giorgio Baruchello (University of Akureyri). It is entitled Why Believe? Approaches to Religion (Reykjavík, Dec. 2018, ISBN 9789935437877). Arising from several years of private exchanges between the two authors, this book tackles a question that both of them regard as intellectually intriguing and personally important: how is it actually possible, that is, reasonable and good, to be religious (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.) today? In order to find their own reply to this question, the authors engage in a candid, humble, yet committed inquiry concerning the intelligibility and the value of commonplace religious issues, such as the existence of God, the roots of morality and personal immortality.

Why Believe? Approaches to Religion

Prof Mikael M. Karlsson (University of Iceland) authored the book's foreword and writes about it:

A book for anyone reflecting seriously upon their own religious commitment—or lack of it—this book is the product of many years of "candid, deeply personal musings on what it means to be religious . . . and [whether] and how it is still possible, plausible and palatable to believe today, in a world that is more and more secular". Composed by two learned and articulate friends and thinkers for whom these questions are deep, serious, and burning, the authors primarily attempt to discover what the questions and issues are—and whether there are even intelligible questions to be asked or intelligible answers to be sought—rather than arguing for or against any position on matters of religion and faith. A book that rises above the usual superficial, popular discussions and pro- or anti-religious hyperbole.

The book can be purchased from Bóksala Stúdenta.

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