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Seeking first doctoral student at UNAK

On March 15-16, 2018, the University of Akureyri hosted a Kick-off meeting for the Rannís-funded project ‘Inclusive societies? The integration of immigrants in Iceland’. Led by the University of Akureyri, the project will run for three years until March 2020. Ten partners from the University of Iceland, the University of Tromsø, the University of Lapland, the University of Luxembourg and the University of Akureyri joined the meeting to learn more about the work involved with Inclusive Societies and plan future activities.

The project Inclusive Societies aims to compare integration patterns of immigrants in Iceland in various municipalities across the country. The project aims at examining immigrants’ situation in the Icelandic society with regards to language, employment, education, culture and satisfaction. The project will also investigate the attitude among the Icelandic population towards immigration and immigrants.

The Kick-off meeting was organized to publicly announce the beginning of the project and to provide an overview of the project’s main goals. All partners discussed the organization of the work, the impact of the project and planned future activities and dissemination. Engagement of researchers and students will be undertaken throughout the project’s lifetime through events such as workshops and conferences. Inclusive societies? allows the University of Akureyri to hire its first doctoral student to contribute to the project.

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