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The first robot in UNAK: Krista

This fall The Centre of Teaching and Learning (Kennslumiðstöð) at UNAK bought a Telepresence Robot and named it Krista. Krista will be a developing project and distance students or teachers will be able to log on to Krista to attend meetings or lectures.

Using the Telepresence Robot Auðbjörg Björnsdóttir, director of The Centre of Teaching and Learning, hopes distance students will develop better relationships and be more visual to other students and teachers at UNAK. “We hope for better communication between distance- and local students and that the robot enables easier ways to partake in discussions. You could even take a distance student logged on to Krista with to lunch!” says Auðbjörg.

Krista is the first robot of its kind bought for usage in a school. It will benefit in several ways of communication whereas presence is essential and the possibility to move around.

Krista has two cameras, four microphones and can move to a speed of 3 km. The operating system is simple and user-friendly as the user can log on to Krista from either a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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