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Thinking and Talking - Giorgio Baruchello's fifth volume of collected philosophical essays

The Canadian publishing house Northwest Passage Books launched in 2016 a project aimed at making philosophy more mainstream among the reading public. With this target in mind, Giorgio Baruchello was invited to select, collect and redraft a number of past works of his that deal with traditional philosophical topics in an approachable style.

Two volumes of collected essays were published in 2017, one dealing with mortality (Mortals, Money, and Masters of Thought), another with evil (Philosophy of Cruelty). Two more were issued in 2018, dealing with life values in the economic and political domains (The Business of Life and Death, Volumes I and II). A fifth volume has just been released, entitled Thinking and Talking, dealing with theory of knowledge, ontology and, above all, rhetoric.

The latest volume can be ordered on Amazon

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