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Ţorrablót celebration

The International Office hosted a "Ţorrablót" last Thursday, 16th of February, at Akureyri Backpackers for exchange student that are studying at the University of Akureyri. The Backpackers were so kind to host us with our "special" food that was a challenge for some to eat.

Ţorramatur is a selection of traditional Icelandic food, consisting mainly of meat and fish products cured in a traditional manner, cut into slices or pieces and served with rúgbrauđ (dense and dark rye bread), butter and brennivín (an Icelandic akvavit). Ţorramatur is consumed during the Nordic month of Ţorri, in January and February, particularly at the mid-winter feast of Ţorrablót as a tribute to old culture. Being thus connected with the tradition of Ţorrablót festivals, Ţorramatur is most often served as a buffet. More information

After the food and drinks the international office hosted a pubquiz, you can see the winning teams of the quiz on the pictures. 

One of the winning teams of the pubquiz

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