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Master's Degree Studies

Studies for the Master's degree constitute 120 ECTS and are based on 6 courses amounting to 10 ECTS each for a total of 60 ECTS and a Master's thesis generally accounting for 60 ECTS. Three courses are compulsory (a total of 30 ECTS), the others being elective courses, whereof the student is expected to take at least two in the UNAK School of Health Sciences. However, the Faculty Meeting is authorised to make an exemption to this rule. At the end of the first year of study, or after completing 20 ECTS, Master's students are given the option of being assigned a supervisor who provides guidance concerning the selection and utilisation of courses with a view to their Master’s research projects.

Objectives of the Master's degree studies

The objective of these studies is to render the graduates critical as analysts, thoughtful professionals, change-oriented individuals and open-minded, creative leaders. These are the highlights in the structure and content of courses, and they constitute a guideline in teaching methods and evaluation of studies. All courses emphasize the importance of research.

  1. Critical analysts – who observe with critical eyes the health services and other features that they work with and detect status, trends and policies in the proper context and identify ways to improvement where needed.
  2. Thoughtful professionals – who have the know-how to contemplate their professional work and constantly strive to know themselves better and determine how to improve themselves in their work. For this purpose they use the guidelines of thoroughly experienced service.
  3. Change oriented individuals who know the course of change and have the skills to effect changes and also know how to contribute to changes (initiated by others).
  4. Liberal minded and creative leaders – who detect policies and trends; where are we heading? They are conscious of influential factors and are skilled in providing leadership in the provision of services.

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