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Disability and Rehabilitation

In this study programme, students will gain deeper knowledge and specialisation in the field of interdisciplinary rehabilitation and disability. The programme is structured in collaboration with the Disability Studies programme at the University of Iceland and is intended to benefit and empower professionals in dealing with the various challenges of service to those who live with a disability or a long-standing health issue. Rehabilitation and support for this group to maximise its social participation require greater knowledge and expertise on the part of health care professionals. The students set their own goals within the programme. Guðrún Pálmadóttir, Associate Professor, is the Department Head of this study programme. She assists students in goal setting and identifying courses that best build the foundation for their Master’s thesis. This 120 ECTS Master's degree programme is divided into 60 ECTS of coursework and 60 ECTS for the Master’s thesis. The academic title is a Master’s degree in Health Sciences with a focus on Disability and Rehabilitation.

In this study programme, five courses are compulsory, a total of 50 ECTS, plus a Master’s thesis.

EEL0105  Rehabilitation, Empowerment and Quality of Life 10 ECTS
FFR302M  Disability, a Life Course Approach (University of Iceland) 10 ECTS
HHS0105  Health and the Health Care System: Status, Goals and Trends  10 ECTS
EIR0155  Qualitative Research  10 ECTS
MER0110  Quantitative Research 10 ECTS
MPR0160  Master’s Thesis    60 ECTS

Electives in this study programme amount to 10 ECTS.
The Faculty offers the following courses as electives:

BRÞ0110 Health Care in Case of Accidents and Acute Illnesses 10 ECTS
KRA0105  Cancer and Palliative Care                                                       10 ECTS
GHB0110  Mental Health: Issues and Interventions 5 or 10 ECTS
HGE0110  Health Care and Health Promotion 10 ECTS
LSL1015  Chronic Illness 10 ECTS
OFB0105  Trauma and Violence 5 or 10 ECTS
ÖHÍ0105  Aging and Health 10 ECTS
ÞFS0105  Servant Leadership, Management and Reflection  10 ECTS

Students can also attend elective courses at other universities, subject to the approval of the Head of Faculty and the Master’s thesis supervisor

Course and programme structure

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For more information on this study programme, please contact:

 Anna Bryndís Sigurðardóttir

Anna Bryndís Sigurðardóttir, Office Manager of the School of Health Sciences
tel. +354 460 8036


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