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Wound Care

In this study-line the students will gain deeper knowledge and specialization regarding wound and wound care. The aim of the study-line is that knowledge in this area will be useful to individuals in their work to support the many challenges that await professionals in the service of those who suffer from wounds. People who struggle with wounds call for increased knowledge and specialization by healthcare professionals. Educational services include healthcare professionals in the area of ​​wound and wound care. The graduate title is a master's degree in health sciences. The program director is Edda Aslaug Johansen (, but the program is in collaboration with the University College of Southeast Norway where Edda is located. The study at the University College of Southeast Norway is 30 credits, taught in two semesters and the language is both English and Norwegian. This study-line involves an exchange study and information on practical issues is given by Rúnar Gunnarsson, HA’s international coordinator.

Master's degree (120 credits)

Each student sets his or her goals within the master's program, chooses him- or herself the emphasis in the study and the courses that can best support the research project.

Mandatory courses on this study-line are 30 credits in wound specialization in Norway. In addition, there are three 10 credits courses in total of 30 credits. Together with 60 credits thesis. It is optional that the research project can be 30 or 40 credits and then students can take more courses instead.

HHS0110 Health and the health services: Position, policies and trends 10 ECTS
EIR0110 Qualitative research methods 10 ECTS
MER0110 Quantitative research methods 10 ECTS
MPR0160 Master´s thesis 60 ECTS


Further information are provided by:

Edda Aslaug Johansen
Førsteamanuensis/Associate professor
Fakultet for helsevitenskap/Faculty of Health Sciences
Institutt for sykepleievitenskap/Nursing Sciences - Drammen


Ingibjörg Smáradóttir

Ingibjörg Smáradóttir, Office Manager of the School of Health Sciences
tel. +354 460 8036
fax: +354 460 8999


Rúnar Gunnarsson

Rúnar Gunnarsson, Project Manager of International Relations

Tel: +354-460-8035
Fax: +354-460-8999
E-mail: international(at)


Sigríður Halldórsdóttir

Dr. Sigríður Halldórsdóttir, Professor
tel. +354 460 8452
Fax: +354 460 8999


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