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Teaching Methods and Arrangement

Teaching methods and teaching arrangement

  • Emphasis on the student’s active participation. 
  • Prepared discussions – students are given reading material in advance and they come prepared to the seminar. 
  • Normally assignments are given in lieu of examinations. 
  • Teaching is conducted in cycles (four per semester – one and a half day for each 10 ECTS course) and the programme is arranged in such a way as to make it possible to work while studying.

Students’ hours of study, classes and study evaluation

Each course features lectures, varying in number depending on the course. Behind a 10 ECTS course there are usually 250 hours of study by each student. These comprise class attendance, reading and work on assignments.

Supervising teachers

Each course is usually managed by three supervising teachers, one representing each specialty subject. This is done in order to ensure a cross-disciplinary approach. One of the teachers assumes overall responsibility for the course, its quality and implementation.


The three mandatory courses are taught annually:

  • HHS01110 Health and the Health Service: Status, Aims and Trends 
  • EIR0110 Qualitative Research 
  • MER0110 Quantitative Research

For elective courses in the School of Health Sciences, please consult the list of courses in the course catalogue.

Master's research project (60 ECTS):

  • MPR0160 Master's Research Project

Schools & Faculties

School of Health Sciences

School of Business and Science

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School of Social Science and Humanities

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