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Faculty of Nursing

Nursing. Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.This programme is taught in Icelandic

Objectives and student qualifications

The main objective of the Nursing programme is to provide education in the basic subjects of health sciences corresponding to the needs of Society at each time. Nurses from the University of Akureyri should possess professional skills to perform general nursing duties, as well as administrative and instructive work in most fields of health care services. The programme is internationally accredited. Various employment opportunities exist in Iceland and abroad, and nurses seem to be in growing demand. Various possibilities also exist for advanced studies.

The specific character of the nursing programme

Emphasis is on educating nurses for work in the society of the future. Clinical training begins as early as in the first year of study. Students pursue clinical studies at health service institutions in Akureyri, in Reykjavík and in other parts of the country. The School of Health Sciences cooperates, through exchange programmes, with schools in the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe. This provides interested students with the possibility to conduct parts of their clinical studies abroad. Students are required to complete the first half of the programme, for example the courses covered in the first two years of study, before commencing the third year, thus completing each half of the programme separately. The maximum time allowed for completing the programme is six years; three years for each half of the programme. Students must aquire three months of work experience in patient care. At least 80% of this work should be conducted in health care institutions, in addition to the organised study training.

Organisation of studies

Education at the University of Akureyri is available both as on-campus studies and as online studies. Students enrolled at the University live all over the country; in Akureyri as well as in other places. The courses and modules are taught simultaneously for on-campus and distance learning students, creating an integrated on-campus and virtual learning environment. Study materials are available on a dedicated website for the respective course/module, which can consist of recordings of lectures, talking slides, direct interactive communication and more. All students are required to attend at least one on-campus study session at the University per semester for practical training and group discussions. The on-campus study sessions lasts for five to ten days.

Access to instructors and fellow students

Communication between instructors and distance learning students mainly takes place via each course or module's designated website and communication platform. In addition, instructors either offer special telephone hours, or appointments can be made by request by both on-campus and distance learning students. Students use various means of communication during their studies, for example, chat rooms and Facebook groups.

Admission requirement

A secondary school matriculation examination (stúdentspróf) is the general admission requirement.

Head of Faculty of Nursing:

Gísli Kort Kristófersson
Gísli Kort Kristófersson, Lecturer
tel. +354 460 8671

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