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Competitive Examinations - Numerus Clausus

The number of students to acquire the right to pursue study in the spring semester of the first year in Nursing is annually decided by the University Council upon receiving the Faculty's proposals.

The following rules are applied when selecting these students:

  1. Examinations are taken in all courses taught in the autumn semester of the first year of study. Students have to complete all examinations in the same academic year as the selection is carried out. Earlier examinations cannot be recognised.
  2. Examinations cover five courses. Their weight is as follows:
    Nursing I (6 ECTS) 20%
    Philosophy (6 ECTS) 20%
    Anatomy I (4 ECTS) 15%
    Practical Skills (6 ECTS) 20%
    Tissue and Cellular Biology (8 ECTS) 25%

    The total grade for each course is calculated in whole and half numbers, from 0-10. These grades are then weighted as listed above. The total grade in the numerus clausus is then defined as the weighted grade point average received in individual courses, given with two decimals. The placement of students for continued study is based on this weighted grade point average.
  3. Examiners shall be appointed in accordance with the applicable rules, (cf. Regulations on Course Assessment at the University of Akureyri) for all examination subjects of the competitive examination. The total grade in each course is given in whole and half numbers and constitutes the average of the grades awarded by the teacher and the examiner. The grades of the teacher and the examiner shall be given with one decimal.
  4. Once grades have been published, in accordance with paragraph 3, they will not be revised by the School of Health Sciences.
  5. A student who does not show up for examination because of illness shall notify his/her absence before the examination begins. A medical certificate shall be submitted to the University Office at the earliest convenience and no later than five days after the examination was held, otherwise the student is considered to have taken the examination. The same provision applies to a student who does not show up for examination because of a sick child. Make-up examinations due to cases of illness absence shall be held as soon as possible, should they be required. 
  1. Students who receive passing grades in all autumn semester subjects of the first year of study are ranked in descending numerical order on the basis of the weighted grade point averages. A student is not considered to have passed an examination unless he/she receives a grade of at least 5. Should two or more students be equal in the last position they are both/all entitled to the right to continue their studies in the spring semester of the first year.
  2. Should the outcome of examinations show that a lower number of students than seats determined by the University Council has reached the minimum passing grades in all courses, the following course of action is to be resorted to: Students who failed to receive the minimum grade in all courses are ranked in descending numerical order of the weighted grade point average. The student receiving the highest weighted grade point average is awarded the first available seat and then seats are awarded according to consecutively descending grades until the determined number of seats is reached. After this selection process has been completed, the Regulations on Course Assessment at the University of Akureyri are adhered to.
  3. Should a student, who has acquired the right to a seat in the spring semester of his/her first year of study, resign his/her seat within two weeks of the start of the spring semester, the student having the highest weighted grade point average amongst those not selected shall be offered the seat.
  4. Students not selected for study during the spring semester according to the numerus clausus rules are not entitled to further registration in courses at the School of Health Sciences during that school year.
  5. If it is foreseeable, in advance of the examination period for the competitive examinations, that fewer students will be taking the examinations than the number of seats determined to be available for studies in the spring semester of the first year of study, these rules will automatically not be applied.

The University Council is authorised, in special instances, to grant exemptions from these rules.

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