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Evaluation of Earlier Studies

Two Credit-transfer Committees operate within the School of Health Sciences, for the two undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Nursing and the Faculty of Occupational Therapy, respectively. The two Committees represent the authority of the School Council. Their role is to assess whether courses taught in the School of Health Sciences can be substituted by the student’s earlier studies. Each Credit-transfer Committee is composed of three representatives of Faculty members and one student representative. Each Committee Chair is appointed at a Faculty Meeting. The Committee divides other tasks among its members.

A Credit-transfer Committee may set itself rules of procedure, which will be made available to students on the University's website.

It is recommended that students send their request for assessment of earlier studies in a timely fashion before the course in question starts. The request should be sent to the Office Manager for the School of Health Sciences, who will forward the request to the relevant Credit-transfer Committee. Following the Committee's conclusions and the School Council's considerations, the Office Manager will send the conclusions of the School Council to the applicant with a copy to the Credit-transfer Committee. The Office Manager ensures that all case documentation is filed in the student's folder in the archive and that the documentation is archived in the GoPro system.

Guidelines for Credit-transfer Committees

  1. For assessment of earlier studies, the student shall submit a written request for such assessment, enclosing a certified copy of grades from the school or schools where the studies to be assessed were conducted. The request must specify which courses the student requests to have assessed as equivalent to earlier studies. Furthermore, descriptions and reading lists of topics of courses in the earlier studies in question shall be enclosed.
  2. The conclusions of the Credit-transfer Committees are normally available a month later. Following the School Council's considerations, its conclusions are submitted to the student.
  3. The Credit-transfer Committee may, if deemed appropriate, forward for comments, a request for assessment of earlier studies (cf. point 1), to supervising teachers of the courses to be assessed as equivalent to earlier studies.
  4. Normally earlier studies are not assessed as equivalent to studies at the School of Health Sciences at the University of Akureyri if more than five years have elapsed since they were completed. A student cannot graduate from the School of Health Sciences on the basis of an examination in a course or courses taken more than 10 years ago.
  5. Nurses and occupational therapists, licenced in Iceland, can have their studies assessed as credits towards a BS degree in a specifically organised study path in specialised  professional branches, if such study programmes are offered. 
  1. As a main rule, earlier studies are assessed in terms of substituting complete courses or else not accepted. An earlier course, that is the subject of assessment, shall normally correspond to at least two thirds of the contents of the course to be substituted on equal basis. Also, the total number of credits must at least be the same. Should course parts be assessed, they must be clearly defined so that they can be assessed as a whole according to the same rule. A course is not assessed, unless the student has passed it with a minimum grade of 6.
  2. A student requesting an assessment of earlier studies and/or the supervising teacher of the courses concerned within the School of Health Sciences can request that the matter be reexamined by the School Council. The decision of the School Council can be appealed to the University Council.
  3. Should a student request assessment of courses taken earlier at the School of Health Sciences, or courses that have clear parallels in the courses offered by the School, the request is forwarded directly to the School Council, provided that the stipulations of points 4 and 6 are satisfied. Should the request be accepted, the course (courses) shall be entered in the student’s course record with a grade. Credit-transfer Committees are normally not required to deal with such cases. The School Council can, however, seek the opinion of the Chair of the Credit-transfer Committee concerned.
  4. These rules of procedure are designed to serve as guidelines. All guiding criteria relating to numbers (in point 6) are maximal and the Credit-transfer Committee is not obliged to evaluate earlier studies up to the maximal level.

These rules of procedure are effective as of the 13th of March 2012.

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