Valmynd Leit

Faculty of Occupational Therapy

Photo: Daníel Starrason.This programme is taught in Icelandic

The Occupational Therapy programme is a 4-year study, finishing with a BS degree. The programme is 240 ECTS credits, approximately 60 creditsper year, divided over the fall and spring semesters. Students are required to complete the first half of the programme, that is, the subjects of the first and second years of study, before commencing the third year. The maximum time allowed for completing the studies is six years, three years for each half.  

Admission requirement

A secondary school matriculation examination (stúdentspróf) is the general admission requirement. Students have to be able to read English and a Nordic language, in addition to having sound background knowledge in Icelandic, biology, chemistry and mathematics.

Head of Faculty of Occupational Therapy

Sólrún ÓladóttirSólrún Óladóttir, Lector
tel. +354 460 8476 

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