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Field Studies

Field studies in Occupational Therapy comprise 25 weeks altogether, starting in the second semester.

Field studies abroad

Occupational therapy students can apply for admission to Field Studies III, which takes place in the fall semester of the fourth year of the program, abroad.

The student exchange programme is organised by the network of NordPlus. Participants in the network are universities all over the Nordic countries.

Further information is provided by the Project Manager of International Relations, Rúnar Gunnarsson,, and the Supervisory Teacher of Field Studies, Hólmdís Freyja Methúsalemsdóttir,

The application deadline for the exchange programme is March 15th, for the upcoming academic year. The application process is usually time-consuming and it is preferable to contact UNAK's International Office one to two months prior to the application deadline. The Office assists students in the preparation of applications and applications for mobility grants, if they are available.

If students decide to apply, they need to book a meeting with the Supervisory Teacher of Field Studies, who provides information about prerequisites and other aspects of field studies abroad.

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