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The Faculty of Education at the University of Akureyri began its operation in 1993 with a three-year BEd programme for compulsory school teachers. The arguments in support of the Faculty’s establishment were chiefly regional and political, as the overriding aim was to amend the shortage of compulsory school teachers, especially with regard to small schools in sparsely populated areas. A study programme in pedagogy and teaching methodology leading to a teaching qualification was launched in 1994 and was intended for those who had already completed a university degree as well as for master craftsmen. The programme for preschool teachers was begun in 1996, being the first university programme for teachers at that level. A Diploma and Master's programme was initiated in autumn 2000. Soon after the preschool programme was begun, it was on offer in distance mode with the first distance students graduating in spring 2003. In the autumn of the same year distance mode was offered in the compulsory school programme.

Icelandic legislation requires that an individual has completed a 180 credit Bachelor's degree and a 120 credit Master's degree to be issued with a licence to teach in preschool, compulsory school and secondary school.

Currently, three main avenues of study are available in the Faculty of Education: BEd, 180 credits; MEd, 120 credits; and MA, 120 credits. The first two programmes comprise vocational studies for teachers and the MEd part of the programme is also open to students with Bachelor's degrees of other types than BEd. The MA programme is a postgraduate course of study intended for those who wish to improve their specialist knowledge, vocational and research abilities in the field of education. Most of those who enrol in this programme are teachers in employment. The objectives and organisation of all these programmes of study comply with the notification by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture regarding criteria for higher education and degree examinations (no. 530/2011).

Head of Faculty of Education:

Kristín Margrét Jóhannsdóttir
Kristín Margrét Jóhannsdóttir
tel. +354 460 8583

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