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Faculty vision

Vision of Education: The central purpose of schooling is to educate pupils to become mature, fair and responsible individuals. Therefore the Faculty of Education puts emphasis on educating teachers who are capable of critical and reflective assessment of educational issues, and who possess the knowledge, skills and values that enable them to take on the responsibilities that teaching assigns to them.

Vision of students: Schools are for everyone and schools should provide all pupils with equal opportunities to receive education. Therefore the Faculty of Education emphasises education that equips teachers with the knowledge, skills and values to meet the needs of different individuals and to nurture their general education.

Vision of teachers: Teachers are the backbone of schooling. Therefore the Faculty of Education aims to educate teachers to become creative professionals who have sound knowledge of the teaching profession and the skills to apply it in classrooms, who are knowledgeable about the learning and development of their pupils and proficient in subjects, curriculum and successful teaching organisation, and who understand the importance of fostering equality in education.

Vision of Schools: An essential part of  the teachers' professional development takes place in schools. Therefore the Faculty of Education takes pride in educating teachers who have the knowledge, skills and motivation to lead and take responsibility for the development of schools as learning communities where everyone can sustain their professional development and learn with each other and from each other.

Vision of research: Research is an essential part of education. Therefore the Faculty of Education strongly emphasises that its members are active researchers in the academic fields of the Faculty. Furthermore the Faculty prides itself on educating teachers to become competent researchers in their own professional arena, aiming for development and advancement.


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