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Psychology BA

Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.This programme is taught in Icelandic

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law offers a three-year path of study, 180 ECTS, leading to a BA degree in Psychology.

Psychology is a discipline which emphasises the understanding of human behaviour, thinking, and emotions. The study programme provides basic knowledge of theories and methodology of the different fields of psychology. The programme is varied and provides a good basis for a variety of jobs. To acquire certification as a psychologist it is necessary to complete graduate studies in the discipline.  The BA degree in Psychology provides the necessary preparation for this as well as for graduate studies in related fields.

Study structure

The Psychology study programme is structured as follows: In the first year students take general basic courses in social sciences parallel to introductory courses in psychology. This provides a sound basis of academic methodology in social sciences. In the second and third year emphasis is placed on specific fields of psychology in courses like Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment Methods, Social Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology, to name but a few. Students have the opportunity to participate in planning and implementing various kinds of research and they are encouraged to publish their research results in academic journals.

Continuous assessment

All courses are continuously assessed, with emphasis on regular assignments and tests instead of a comprehensive exam. This enables students to monitor their own achievement which, however, demands continuous attendance. The following elements of assessment are used:

  • Partial exams
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Experiments and research in the field

However, as some courses are shared with other Faculties and paths of study, especially in the first year, some exceptions to the continuous assessment will occur.

Psychology teachers

The teachers in the Psychology Department at the University are active with strong links to scientists and specialists at universities in Iceland and abroad. Diversified research is conducted in the various fields of psychology in which students frequently are given the opportunity to take part. The main specialities of the teachers in  the Department are clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology, behavioural analysis, neurodegenerative diseases and physiological psychology.

On completion of studies

Studies to a BA degree in Psychology at the University of Akureyri benefit those who are interested in pursuing further studies in the different fields of psychology and other related fields. They also provide a good basis for a variety of jobs in industry, teaching, consulting and research.

Benefits of the programme

The BA degree study programme in Psychology at the University of Akureyri is an exciting choice offering theoretical and challenging studies. Students acquire skills in the methodology of research, among others, through active participation in their teachers’ research projects. Active discussions between teachers and students are encouraged, thus training students in critical thinking. Students are given the possibility to adapt their studies to their field of interest through projects and assignments.

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