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Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences. Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.The Faculty of Social Sciences offers programmes leading to a BA degree as follows:

The student selects one of these paths of study, amounting to 180 ECTS, to be completed in three years. Students may also combine two study paths into a major and minor combining 120 ECTS and 60 ECTS for three years of study or two majors combining two 120 ECTS paths as four years of study. It is also possible to combine a 180 ECTS major and a 60 ECTS minor in four years. The first year is partly common for all paths of study, introducing the students to the common basis of social sciences, methodology and academic approach. This makes it relatively easy for students to change between majors after the first semester.

All six paths of study are offered as distance studies as well as studies on campus. The distance studies are offered over the internet with intensive study sessions on campus. Students are thus able to follow the paths of study regardless of their location. Distance students must attend short study sessions in Akureyri, together with the on-site students, where the main emphasis is on project work and discussions.

First-year distance students in the Faculty of Social Sciences must attend two sessions on campus in the fall semester. The first session is a two-day session starting on the welcome day for new students. The second session takes place in mid-October. Further information is listed in the study schedules. 

Continuous assessment

All courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences are continuously assessed, with emphasis on regular assignments and tests instead of a comprehensive exam. This enables students to monitor their own achievement.

Head of Faculty of Social Sciences:

Markus Hermann Meckl
Markus Hermann Meckl
tel. +354 460 8655

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