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Law. Photo. Auðunn Níelsson.The University of Akureyri offers a three-year 180 ECTS programme leading to a BA in Law and a two-year 120 ECTS, programme at the Master's level that concludes with an ML degree.

The University offers the following studies in Polar Law:

  • 120 ECTS Master's degree programme leading to an MA degree
  • 90 ECTS Master's degree programme leading to an LLM degree
  • 60 ECTS study at Master's level leading to a Graduate Diploma
  • Individual courses in Polar law leading to a certificate

Continuous assessment

In the BA and ML degree programmes continuous assessment is practised. Courses are thus not completed with a comprehensive exam but assessed through assignments and partial exams throughout the course period. This enables students to better monitor their own achievement.

Necessary competences

The study programmes are internationally oriented and courses are taught both in Icelandic and English. Therefore, students should possess skills in both languages.

Ragnheiður E Þorsteinsdóttir


Ragnheiður E Þorsteinsdóttir
ML programme
tel. +354 460 8668
fax: +354 460 8999

Júlí Ósk Antonsdóttir


Júlí Ósk Antonsdóttir
BA programme
tel. + 354 460 8672
fax: +354 460 8999

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