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Media Studies BA

Media studies. Photo: Auðunn Níelsson.This programme is taught in Icelandic

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Akureyri offers a three-year, 180 ECTS path of study leading to a BA degree in Media Studies.

Media studies is an academic field of study that focuses on mass media, their status and influence in the society. The University of Akureyri is the only university in Iceland that offers such a programme, leading to a BA degree. The Media Studies programme is influenced by developments at the main universities in western societies. This is accomplished  by combining professional knowledge and skills of presentation, as dealt with in journalist schools, and scientific knowledge and methodology of traditional academic studies.

The Media Studies programme at the University of Akureyri covers both theoretical aspects of the social sciences and the acquisition of knowledge of main media channels and skills in their use. During the first year students explore the general foundations of social sciences as well as taking an introductory course to media studies.

The students get practical training in communication through print and audiovisual media, through the web and in the analysis and use of images. The legal and ethical framework of journalism is discussed and students  acquire insight into the development of modern society, using the methods of political and social sciences, economics and social anthropology.

The Media Studies programme has close connections to the media and their operations. In special courses in the second and third year of study, the students are given the opportunity to study the inner structure of a variety of media and to master their essential working methods.  All these courses are taught by veteran media representatives. The first- and second-year students have the opportunity to test their mettle through the publication of a  special internet newscasting medium, Landpósturinn, the exercise being part of specific courses.

The Media Studies programme examines the media situation in Iceland and abroad. This involves systematic coverage of several features concerning the status of media in society, at present and in the light of history. Special courses analyse urgent questions on the ownership of media, ethics in journalism and reporting, legal environment of media, and the different ways of mass communication in different cultures.

Graduates of the Media Studies programme have been well received on the labour market , and many are now employed by Icelandic media.  Others have embarked upon graduate studies abroad as media studies open many doors.

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