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Police Science

Police Science

This programme is taught in Icelandic

Police science is the discipline which addresses law enforcement in a broad context. The Police Science programme aims to give students a proper foundation in preventing and informing about criminal offences and thus ensuring civilians’ safety.
The Police Science programme at the University of Akureyri is a two-year Diploma programme consisting of 120 credits with practicum. It is also possible to complete a Bachelor's degree in Police Science consisting of 180 credits. A custom designed course for policemen specialising in vocational training for students or so-called tutors is available as well.

Options after completion of studies

The Police Science programme prepares policemen for interactions with many different groups of people in a diverse society and collaboration with personnel in a range of professions, such as within health care and social services. Students who complete a police science education can work in law enforcement but they have the option of specialising in different subjects such as special forces, police authority governance, domestic violence, human trafficking, economic crime investigation, international relief work and development assistance, and academic research. The Bachelor’s programme creates a basis for diverse paths in education and in the work field.

The Police Science programme prepares students for jobs all over the country. Policemen’s field of work covers everything from working at large and powerful institutions in the most densely populated areas to thinly populated and vast areas where the same individual is responsible for almost all aspects of law enforcement. Sharing knowledge at a university takes different circumstances into consideration and empowers policemen to work, as needed, far and wide throughout the country.

Flexible learning

The University of Akureyri puts a strong emphasis on flexible learning as the students’ residence can differ. About half of the students choose to study locally, which gives them the opportunity to communicate with teachers and fellow students in person but half of the students reside all over the country and they communicate online. The distinction between local studying and distance learning has become increasingly blurry and residence has less and less effect on the study environment and students’ communications.

Students at the University of Akureyri can choose their residence based on interest and need. The Centre for Police Education and Work Development oversees students’ practicum in Police Science at the University of Akureyri.


Students, who are interested in enrolling in the first-year fall semester in the Police Science programme must confirm that they have familiarised themselves with the stipulations of laws no. 90/1996, which state that students in practicum must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. be Icelandic citizens, 20 years or older,
  2. have not violated penal laws (this does not include minor offences or if a long time has passed from the time the offence was committed) nor shall they have conducted themselves in a way that diminishes the trust policemen must generally enjoy,
  3. be mentally and physically fit and pass a medical examination by a company doctor according to existing requirements, which are rules established by the Centre for Police Education and Work Development in collaboration with a university,
  4. have completed A-levels or a comparable education,
  5. according to further requirements which the minister established with regulations based on recommendations from the Centre for Police Education and Work Development, for example, about education, practicum, language skills and physical capability.

Enrolment in the first-year autumn term of the programme does not ensure that respective students are accepted to practicum. The decision can only be made after the minister has established regulations which are stipulated in clause e of paragraph 38 of law no. 90/1996 with later changes.

For information about the programme OR enquires contact:
Heiðrún Ósk Ólafsdóttir, Study Line Administrator for Police Science 
tel. +354 460 8520

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