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Electronic theses - Skemman

Undergraduate and graduate students hand in their final assignment in electronic form in Skemman, the university's electronic repository.

Guidelines for archiving Theses in Skemman in English (recording)

Theses are saved on PDF format and archived in Skemman. Click on Submit your work / My Space and select University of Akureyri. Students use the same username and password as for their HA webmail to login to Skemman. Under the heading New Submission choose the appropriate Collection and choose the Type Thesis. Guidelines are to be found on each page in the submission process and it takes place in three steps. 

Step 1: describe the thesis
Required fields to fill out are marked specifically (author, title, abstract), other fields are optional (e.g. related link, comments, sponsor).

Step 2: upload files
Thesis shall be saved on pdf format. The main rule in Skemman is to allow theses to be open, they are available for reading but restricted for printing and copying. Students set themselves any document restrictions on the paper. Thus all material in Skemman is protected by copyright law with all rights reserved, unless otherwise stated. 

Those who temporarily want to limit access to their thesis are advised to split the work into the following files and make them available: 1) Table of content, 2) Bibliography, 3) Appendices (if applicable), 4) Full text (full text must always be archived in Skemman and shall be identical to the printed copy). 

Step 3: confirm details
To submit the thesis for approval (the last step of the archiving process) one has to accept the terms and conditions. Students depositing a thesis are responsible for depositing the final complete edition of their thesis, which has been passed by their supervisor. 

Confirmation of your submission in Skemman

After you have submitted your thesis for review a text will appear in My Space / My Submitted Items which confirms your submission. Students should also receive an e-mail confirmation of the submission sent to the HA e-mail (if you don‘t find the email in your inbox, check the junk e-mail).

Later, once the review has taken place, students will be sent another e-mail giving details of the outcome of the review. If the thesis is sent back to the student, she/he will be able to correct the thesis and submit it again. 

Printed Copies

Students also hand in one soft bound printed copy (which is for preservation only) to the faculty's office with other printed copies. With the printed library copy please attach an outprint of the e-mailed confirmation of your submission in Skemman. The e-mailed confirmation is sent to the university e-mail (unak) and confirms that the thesis is now submitted for review (if you don‘t find the email in your inbox, check the junk e-mail).

Submission deadline for the electronic and printed copy is on the submission date set by the faculty and the mandatory copies are prerequisite for graduation.

Requests on how to archive electronic theses can be sent to the library (, 460 8050).


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