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About the library

The aim of the University of Akureyri Library and Information Services (UAL) is to provide outstanding professional and personal library services to both students and staff of the University of Akureyri. 

Information Literacy

Emphasis is placed on offering all university students both at the beginning of studies and later on as well teaching and training in information literacy, i.e. the students ability to find, use and assess information in a professional and responsible manner. The teaching and training includes introducing the library and the various information resources to students as well as staff by means of short courses, classes connected to specific courses in the curriculum and personal interviews with information specialist. The objectives of this instruction are always to assist students and staff, to become competent in information literacy, so that they will as soon as possible become self-sufficient in the acquisition of sources and information. Information literacy skills also support and contribute to lifelong learning.


UAL is participating in the Iceland Consortium (IC),, for electronic subscriptions to journals and databases. Current licenses and access includes 17,600 full text e-journals in addition to abstracts from over 9,300 journals, e-books collections, databases, citation databases and encyclopedias. Apart from the IC the UAL also subscribes to various databases in main subject fields taught at the university, e.g. in fisheries sciences, law, nursing and psychology. 

UAL subscribes to the library system, the union catalogue of Icelandic libraries. The Consortium of Icelandic Libraries operates the system. UAL participates in an online institutional repository of Icelandic university libraries, as well as being an initiator of the project. It houses students' final theses and dissertations. UAL also participates in, which contains peer reviewed scholarly research by Icelandic universities’ academic staff as well as doctoral dissertations. The aim of the digital repository is to increase the usage, publicity, and impact of scholarly research produced at Icelandic universities and to further promote scientific research in Iceland.

Reading and Work Facilities

The library accommodates 64 seats of which 18 are equipped with computers. At the rear of the computer room is a reading room, exclusively for reading. University students have access to the reading and work facilities at all hours. To access the university buildings they use smart cards, which also serve as student identification cards, library and photo copying cards. Visitors have access to two photo copying machines.


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