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The library is open to everyone and those who have an Icelandic Identity Number are entitled to loans. Library cards for students also serve as access cards for University buildings, as student ID cards and photocopying cards (smart cards). These cards can be obtained at the Computer & Media Centre without charge.

A library user is responsible for the items that he borrows at the library. If items on loan are lost or damaged while in the custody of the user, the library reserves the right to collect compensation. A library user is always to present his library card when borrowing items. This also applies to handbooks and other data intended for use at the library.

Library users can view their loan items in by login in to My Account with an ID number and password

Loan Terms

The loan term for most items is one month. Handbooks and periodicals are never on loan. Items in the course reserve area are available on a so-called short term loan basis. This entails a loan for one week, three days and 24 hours. Short term loan books can neither be renewed nor reserved.

University of Akureyri staff can borrow books that they depend on to a great extent, e.g. in connection with teaching or research, for a longer loan period. Librarians then attend to renewal of the books as mutually agreed on and the library user concerned is only required to turn in the book, if another user is on the waiting list for it. 

Loan Reservations and Renewals

If items are on loan the user can reserve the item through Renewals of items on loan are permitted, if no user is registered on the waiting list, but never more than twice. Library users can place a renewal on Loans are also renewable by phone, 460 8050/8060 or e-mail,


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