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Inter-library loans

An inter-library loan service (ILL) refers to practices where librarians provide publications not in possession of the library, either by means of copies of periodical articles or books, from other libraries, domestic or foreign. Great emphasis is placed on rapid ILL service at the University of Akureyri Library.

Holders of valid library cards are entitled to use this service but it should be pointed out that it is a fee based service. 

All ILL requests are managed through the system and before placing a request users are required to to register (by username and password) by clicking on Sign in on the front page (contact the service desk for login information). To order material directly from other Icelandic libraries, log in, find the title in the search results list that you want to borrow and click on the „interlibrary loans“ tab and the „ILL“ button. 

One can also request inter-library loans on material not found in You simply press „Interlibrary Loans“ on and fill out the form. All fields marked with a star * must be filled and under „Library“ select Háskólinn á Akureyri. Under „My Account“ -> „Requests & ILL“ you can see the status of your requests.

Due to copyright restrictions the library is not permitted to forward to patrons articles received as PDF files from other libraries.

Please search thoroughly in and other electronic resources before requesting an inter-library loan.

Staff members of the University of Akureyri are not charged for ILL but students get 50% discount of photocopies and book loans. Pricelist is available here

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